Blog Post # One

Some players just know how to make their teammates better.

They drop dimes all night long and give their team a confidence boost.

Track tonight’s top playmakers and earn yourself a Chris Paul Metallic Silver FE Moment™ NFT — featuring the assist that made The Point God the No. 3 all-time NBA leader in career assists.

To grab this Moment, you’ll need to create a Challenge Entry featuring …

10x Total Moments

– 1x Series 1 or 2 Moment from a player on the team that has more assists from each game (ex: If the Lakers have the most assists in the Lakers-Clippers matchup, you’d need a Lakers Moment. If the Clippers lead, you’d need a Clippers Moment. You can use a Moment from a player no longer on that team, as long as the Moment happened on that team.)

+ A Series 1 or 2 Moment from the Top 4 Players in Assists on Feb 3, 2022

Be sure to have all your dime droppers squared away by 1pm PST, Feb. 4.

Look for the guys setting their teammates up all night to score a Chris Paul Metallic Silver FE Moment™ NFT for your collection.